Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here we go.

Today just before match, we had meeting and came to know that 007 is in playing 11 but didn't got time to post it.This decision was taken by chakram actually.

Anyways,so what i metioned in my previous post that lungi's gonna win was bang on target.

After the match, mangal pandey got special bangoli style bashing from daddu for his fabulous bolwing at the death overs.

There will be atleast couple of changes in team for the next match. Also team management is thinking to either replace chikna kaha or mad hug with the forgine baba's when they arrive.

So dildo at last understood that, the couple of win what we had was just a sheer luck nothing else.He told that,it is very difficult for him to be present for next match. Didn't i told you this guy really deserve this name.

After mentioning bubbly's high spirited hugging phenomenon in previous post ,she kept refraining from it in today's match. it looks like bunty is following this blog very carefully.

Vakil's disappointment is incresing day by day for the reason mentioned in last post.

on the other hand prince of patiala is very happy with team performance , at last this is what he wanted.

Will post after the meeting if happen in between and may be about the practise session.

Amen . take care.

Real ipl player 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Inside stuff..

Now this is what i was waiting for, in team meeting the opener bhikari point out that this time also as like previous one ,some one started the blog and giving some inside stuff from meetings. I was very happy at last my effort are not getting unnoticed but why bhikari was most eager to point out this , he is cognizant about what happened last time due to the blogging by FIP , the ganji hanger and shakespear were sent back , and he think same may be happen this time with him ,clever indeed.

Now hearing this team mangement is really very frustrated and more so after reading the content on blog ,they found it has what was discuss in meeting last time.Let's wish them best of luck to find out who is Real ipl player. I assure you blogging won't stop.let them take any measure but i need to be more careful though.

Between the news from Bubblies is that, bubbly is wondering how come even after wearing all seducing attire and doing ridiculously outrageous bhangada for the match havn't resulted in to win. Vakil was very disappointed after loosing the match to "rare evil's" not that win would have that much important to him personally but he is wise enough to know that he missed the chance to high spirited hugging and probably some thing else after the match with bubbly. Better luck next time buddy there are so many to come.

While for prince of patiala expecting the same is distant dream as last time he overdone with bubbly.He is wishing he may give someone that broad butt like six sixes to get back those glory night's with bubbly but alas Appam chutiya is in his team only so he has to find someone else how about kaan molo.

Well tomarrow we play with lungi's and their captain cool dude is eager to get it right this time .it's tough for us to win with lungi's given our bowling depend on little john who just can't even dream of stopping big mac even though his private classes with chakram going on in full swing.

I am betting for lungi's. I think they will win this one.Rest latter.Take care.

Real ipl player 2010.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stupidity at it's best.

Just came out of the team meeting.it had eveyone including dildo , yeah our owner has joined us today,ironically when we dont need him but when we wanted him the most to support us when the team was getting fucked up left,right and centre in the middle of south africa this guy left us for entertaining people by dancing infront of them in wedding. In meeting ,as usual same bullshit about the spirit and guts and all that was talked about.However,one intresting thing happened in meeting ,daddu told dildo that he dont wanna fire right from the start of inning but to just held the inning with his batting just like what dhauti did yesterday.guys he had valid point but thoughtmore who always think and mind you not about cricket ,think otherwise he said this is 20-20 just play the ball.dildo,given his intrest with in coaches always agree to disagree with daddu.looks like same things are happening all over again.i am telling you guys this version is going to have lots of fun just stay tuned. Ok lets see whether we get lucky second time. till then enjoy amen
Real ipl player 2010.

next is we

well playing in kolkata is always greart.we play today with the runners up of last edition i.e. Bevadaas .they will be very happy as their first game is a cake walk because getting lucky again is highly unlikely for us.bevadas are here and totally charged up but not only with name xxx as in our case but with somd real stuff.these boys are really lucky i tell you between i heard chirkut teli saying he has new found attention of girls,well it seems that he had to charge up with his hands itself and hence very unhappy.we had intence net session yesterday,gawari except daddu he has his own rule and no one can ask him.i heard buntey was very unhappy with bubblies behaviour on and off the field last ipl which include hugging power and watching some sensored photo with very own prince of patiala thats the reason vakil got captaincy. this time around.prince of patiala is very upset with this and hence trying his luck with bubbly in some spying way avoiding buntey's eye. well try to post tomarrow before match if possible. Amen real ipl player 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Great Escape...

So finally this is what Dildo was praying for , a win to start with.

After the match over everyone went to hotel, all were very enthusiastic as if they have own DLF IPL 3 cup today itself.

Especially buddhiman baba and Gawari , one out of that didn't got a chance to bat and other went to very first ball ,they were all giggling foolishly at last it took daddu's hard punching look to stop them.

Daddu knows this was not win but was a lucky escape especially when gilly danda was tearing apart our little john as if he won't get a chance to play little john after this match.

Anyways we got a call from dildo last night , as expected was very happy . last time people seen him that much happy when he was dancing in wedding .

Well guys today desi's gonna play with rajput's and our very own bubbly's also there.

Also will keep on posting you the activities of prince of patiala with bubli offcouse when bunty is not around.

Then my most special and favorite ipl player appam chutiya is there.

I heard he swears this time to behave properly for two purpose...

people should not chant his name in ground with appam chutiya and believe it or not he don't want to give me chance...lol

But given he is chutiya he will do some chutiya activity to be in limelight on this blog..

will update you if have any interesting story to share with you or any meeting if happen in between till then amen

Real ipl player 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

IPL 3.0 and we got new one , thoughtmore..

Hi All,

As it is well known fact now that the FIP was no more but gimmick. However he inspired to author inside me which is a REAL IPL PLAYER playing in 2010 version. Not sure will get chance to play in playing 11 yet. The team meeting will be scheduled at 2 and then and there it will be decided but have slight chance to make it as lots of foreign babas won't be available as of now.

Well the climate here is quite hot and humid. The expectations are high off course from dhakkans and for us too but in opposite way i.e. how much we will suck this time.

Little john is busy taking lessons from chakram may be to score this time seriously, our 007 is not here around yet so little john is too much scared of gilly danda tearing him apart.

We have lots of changes this time a jersey change, a new coach thoughtmore who believes in thinking and putting is thought in his mind rather on lappy,then we have new leader daddu...hats off to the courage of this guy i am looking forward to meet him again in team meeting he really gives inspirational speech.

I am too much enthusiastic to meet our owner dildo this time around after his dancing in wedding and bunch of failure movies..

so here it goes guys ipl 3.0 is starting and i am there your real ipl player not the fake one mind you.

will keep you posted throughout ipl.some inside stuff out of meeting , the bets on hot chiks there played by commentary loosers this time bet will be in indian rupees though..and in indian ishtyle....

we are bunch of loosers guys , a real underdogs... we were at the bottom last time so nothing to lose here..

let the game begin...


Real ipl player 2010.