Saturday, March 13, 2010

next is we

well playing in kolkata is always greart.we play today with the runners up of last edition i.e. Bevadaas .they will be very happy as their first game is a cake walk because getting lucky again is highly unlikely for us.bevadas are here and totally charged up but not only with name xxx as in our case but with somd real stuff.these boys are really lucky i tell you between i heard chirkut teli saying he has new found attention of girls,well it seems that he had to charge up with his hands itself and hence very unhappy.we had intence net session yesterday,gawari except daddu he has his own rule and no one can ask him.i heard buntey was very unhappy with bubblies behaviour on and off the field last ipl which include hugging power and watching some sensored photo with very own prince of patiala thats the reason vakil got captaincy. this time around.prince of patiala is very upset with this and hence trying his luck with bubbly in some spying way avoiding buntey's eye. well try to post tomarrow before match if possible. Amen real ipl player 2010

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