Monday, March 15, 2010

Inside stuff..

Now this is what i was waiting for, in team meeting the opener bhikari point out that this time also as like previous one ,some one started the blog and giving some inside stuff from meetings. I was very happy at last my effort are not getting unnoticed but why bhikari was most eager to point out this , he is cognizant about what happened last time due to the blogging by FIP , the ganji hanger and shakespear were sent back , and he think same may be happen this time with him ,clever indeed.

Now hearing this team mangement is really very frustrated and more so after reading the content on blog ,they found it has what was discuss in meeting last time.Let's wish them best of luck to find out who is Real ipl player. I assure you blogging won't stop.let them take any measure but i need to be more careful though.

Between the news from Bubblies is that, bubbly is wondering how come even after wearing all seducing attire and doing ridiculously outrageous bhangada for the match havn't resulted in to win. Vakil was very disappointed after loosing the match to "rare evil's" not that win would have that much important to him personally but he is wise enough to know that he missed the chance to high spirited hugging and probably some thing else after the match with bubbly. Better luck next time buddy there are so many to come.

While for prince of patiala expecting the same is distant dream as last time he overdone with bubbly.He is wishing he may give someone that broad butt like six sixes to get back those glory night's with bubbly but alas Appam chutiya is in his team only so he has to find someone else how about kaan molo.

Well tomarrow we play with lungi's and their captain cool dude is eager to get it right this time .it's tough for us to win with lungi's given our bowling depend on little john who just can't even dream of stopping big mac even though his private classes with chakram going on in full swing.

I am betting for lungi's. I think they will win this one.Rest latter.Take care.

Real ipl player 2010.


Anonymous said...

U rock buddy.At least some entertainment since FIP is not around.

Here is the updated list of acronyms u used uptill now.

Daddu: ganguly,
lungi's (This is really good): chennai super king
gawari/bhikari: tiwari???
gilly danda: adam gilchrist

rest is same what FIP used.

Keep posting dude but be careful.

Anonymous said...

Be watchful dude . between great post. i second you about winning lungis tomarrow.

Neeta said...

right something on your fav. appam chutiya.and pz don't stop blogging. we are enjoying it.

Akhil said...

Can some one post the OLD FIP list of names as well..Can't remember all the names :)


Anonymous said...

here is the whole list with changes from RIP.

Appam chutiya-sreesanth
Bhikari/gawari-manoj tiwari
Rare evil's-delhi daredevil's
Lungi's-chennai super king
Little john-ishant sharma
Chakram-wasim akram??
Dhauti-gautam gambhir??
Vakil-sangakara but why vakil
Cool dude-dhoni
Gully danda-gilchrist

Some one plz update other names i know this much only.


Anonymous said...

dude, stop this crap. if you have real inside info then post it. you look more like KANNAN of FIP and makes me wonder you are kannan itself trying to step into FIP's shoes.

All the things you are saying can be said by any person. if you are like that old FIP then predict the winners and then see your blog getting name and fame.