Friday, March 12, 2010

The Great Escape...

So finally this is what Dildo was praying for , a win to start with.

After the match over everyone went to hotel, all were very enthusiastic as if they have own DLF IPL 3 cup today itself.

Especially buddhiman baba and Gawari , one out of that didn't got a chance to bat and other went to very first ball ,they were all giggling foolishly at last it took daddu's hard punching look to stop them.

Daddu knows this was not win but was a lucky escape especially when gilly danda was tearing apart our little john as if he won't get a chance to play little john after this match.

Anyways we got a call from dildo last night , as expected was very happy . last time people seen him that much happy when he was dancing in wedding .

Well guys today desi's gonna play with rajput's and our very own bubbly's also there.

Also will keep on posting you the activities of prince of patiala with bubli offcouse when bunty is not around.

Then my most special and favorite ipl player appam chutiya is there.

I heard he swears this time to behave properly for two purpose...

people should not chant his name in ground with appam chutiya and believe it or not he don't want to give me

But given he is chutiya he will do some chutiya activity to be in limelight on this blog..

will update you if have any interesting story to share with you or any meeting if happen in between till then amen

Real ipl player 2010

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Anonymous said...

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