Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here we go.

Today just before match, we had meeting and came to know that 007 is in playing 11 but didn't got time to post it.This decision was taken by chakram actually.

Anyways,so what i metioned in my previous post that lungi's gonna win was bang on target.

After the match, mangal pandey got special bangoli style bashing from daddu for his fabulous bolwing at the death overs.

There will be atleast couple of changes in team for the next match. Also team management is thinking to either replace chikna kaha or mad hug with the forgine baba's when they arrive.

So dildo at last understood that, the couple of win what we had was just a sheer luck nothing else.He told that,it is very difficult for him to be present for next match. Didn't i told you this guy really deserve this name.

After mentioning bubbly's high spirited hugging phenomenon in previous post ,she kept refraining from it in today's match. it looks like bunty is following this blog very carefully.

Vakil's disappointment is incresing day by day for the reason mentioned in last post.

on the other hand prince of patiala is very happy with team performance , at last this is what he wanted.

Will post after the meeting if happen in between and may be about the practise session.

Amen . take care.

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Come on dude.... no more cock and bull stories from you to hear.... ran out of ideas so fast??? WANNABE LOOSER !!!

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From ur father... Beta, fuck off..