Thursday, March 11, 2010

IPL 3.0 and we got new one , thoughtmore..

Hi All,

As it is well known fact now that the FIP was no more but gimmick. However he inspired to author inside me which is a REAL IPL PLAYER playing in 2010 version. Not sure will get chance to play in playing 11 yet. The team meeting will be scheduled at 2 and then and there it will be decided but have slight chance to make it as lots of foreign babas won't be available as of now.

Well the climate here is quite hot and humid. The expectations are high off course from dhakkans and for us too but in opposite way i.e. how much we will suck this time.

Little john is busy taking lessons from chakram may be to score this time seriously, our 007 is not here around yet so little john is too much scared of gilly danda tearing him apart.

We have lots of changes this time a jersey change, a new coach thoughtmore who believes in thinking and putting is thought in his mind rather on lappy,then we have new leader daddu...hats off to the courage of this guy i am looking forward to meet him again in team meeting he really gives inspirational speech.

I am too much enthusiastic to meet our owner dildo this time around after his dancing in wedding and bunch of failure movies..

so here it goes guys ipl 3.0 is starting and i am there your real ipl player not the fake one mind you.

will keep you posted throughout ipl.some inside stuff out of meeting , the bets on hot chiks there played by commentary loosers this time bet will be in indian rupees though..and in indian ishtyle....

we are bunch of loosers guys , a real underdogs... we were at the bottom last time so nothing to lose here..

let the game begin...


Real ipl player 2010.

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Amit said...

u suck!!!!!!!!